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See Contacting Fed Support if you need help.

Ban Reasons

See our list for valid ban reasons. We'll update this list as more reasons arise.

Federation Support Docs

Visit to read the Federation Support Docs, hosted on GitBook. Also its contents are open-source in GitHub.

Joining the Federation

If you're using these bots below, you can join to our Community Network fed (subscribe if you have an fed). We recommend to use Rose and join there because our fbanlist is more up-to-date and also our fed is

Bot ID How to join/subscribe? Status
Rose 381c5253-3f46-4e9b-8b2d-d141174b8444 /joinfed 381c5253-3f46-4e9b-8b2d-d141174b8444 or /subfed 381c5253-3f46-4e9b-8b2d-d141174b8444 Up-to-date
Sophie (stable) 1644721b-aa71-4c33-b19b-33e3812d40f2 /fjoin 1644721b-aa71-4c33-b19b-33e3812d40f2 or /fsub 1644721b-aa71-4c33-b19b-33e3812d40f2 Up-to-date, count seems to be inaccurate. Blame Yacha for inaccuracies.
Saitama (stable) f0f172c5-3deb-4746-ac07-5243240e6b0e /joinfed f0f172c5-3deb-4746-ac07-5243240e6b0e or /subfed f0f172c5-3deb-4746-ac07-5243240e6b0e Lagging behind 1000+ bans, blame Sawada Tsunayoshi not to test fimports. 2
Haruka Aya 6a75b4a2-c58b-4814-b5ac-807855d8db34 /joinfed 6a75b4a2-c58b-4814-b5ac-807855d8db34 or /subfed 6a75b4a2-c58b-4814-b5ac-807855d8db343 Lagging behind 1000+ bans because the code that powers feds is a pile of shit code sum up together, they used to but not now due to the fact TCP db connection + DBLock make it take forever to import (up to 2 days) and hence why the bot itself is kinda slow.1
Kigyō 111c125f-a082-4df3-a6f6-8b1d60481023 /joinfed 111c125f-a082-4df3-a6f6-8b1d60481023 or /subfed 111c125f-a082-4df3-a6f6-8b1d60481023 Because its repo is based from Saitama (Stable), we're gonna wait for any updates.
Exusiai (Heroku Aya) TBA TBA Because its repo is based from Haruka Aya, we're gonna wait for any updates.

  1. That's was a reply from their support staff. Shut up. 

  2. Actually, they commented out because it's untested. 

  3. Federation subscriptions are currently unsupported until performance issues in Haruka Aya are resolved and fixed pile of shitcode.