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Federation Ban Reasons

Team members with federation administration permissions in these bots can do a federation ban across our Community Network. This also applies to our bans on Watchdog Chat Guard.

Not a fed admin?

If you are here because you got fedbanned, thanks for your interest to visiting here. We usually make our fedban reasons more transparent to everyone so they know if their ban reason is appealable or not.

Alllowed Reasons

The lists below will be updated as more reasons to come. If you hate entering long reasons, use the ban codes instead.

Common Reasons

Please consult the list below before you initiate a federation ban. Otherwise, somebody who have right to do a fedban will amend your ban reason to be compliant with the valid ones here.

Reason What Does That Means? Appealable?
Reported in <fed name> Support Someone got reported elsewhere and we pulled our guns. Appeal in the Federation Support after getting unbanned. Yes, unless you're now banned elsewhere.
Flagged by SpamWatchers Likely flagged by federations other than SpamWatch. Mostly found in cryptoscammers. No, you need to stop spamming everywhere in Telegram. We only lift your fedban if other federations unfedban you.
Reported in SpamWatch Support Chat Old reason for people who get reported in SpamWatch Support, now obsolete. Use Reported in <federation name> Support instead. Yes, unless you're now banned in SpamWatch.
<category here> Spam or Spammer detected Likely this person is spmming around the chats, ranging from Whatsapp links Yes, but only if you stop. It might depends on your case.
spam[gban] Simplified ban reason that Simon Hitler used. Depends on how you spammed.
Self-promoter detected in <chat name> Self-promoting in Telegram is considered as spam. Yes, but only if you stop.
NSFW Stuff Sharing NSFW content in Telegram isn't allowed, as per their ToS. This included CACP content. No, you violated the Telegram ToS. We'll reserve the right to report it to [email protected].
BLACKLISTED:0xCODEHERE or INTELLIVOID-SP:0xCODEHERE You're found to be blacklisted in Spam Protection. Consult the operator's manual for the codes. Appeal in their Support first then contact us.
Spam Adder / spam adding N members (where N is actual number of users who got spam added if you're using Simon's) You added users into your chat/s without permission. We can lift your ban, but you agree not to spam add members again.

Rare Reasons

If your federation ban reason listed below, please contact our federation maintainers in the Support Chat. In some rare cases, we'll not allow you to given an parole unless otherwise decided by our side.

Reason What Does That Means? Appealable?
Pissed off when he/she got banned in SpamWatch We found in your federation logs that you banned @SitiSchu in your federation when he banned you for whatever the reason is it. No, unless you lift Simon's fedban and your appeal was granted in SpamWatch Support.
Globally banned in @SatiamaBot / Appeal in @OnePunchSupport Not all of gbans in @SatiamaBot will get banned here, unless there's API for that in the future. Yes, but you need to appeal first in One Punch Support. After lifting, contact Federation Support.
Impersonating @<insert username here> Impersonating as somebody, either a person or a bot, is not allowed. No.
GPL Violation Flag on Marie forks We heard that somebody was just kanged the Marie forks' code, so we just remove them off our chats. Yes, just make sure you make your fork open-source and credit the right people.

FedBan Reason Tags

Reason tags are in form of [TAG HERE] REASON HERE / OTHER STUFF HERE. If using more than one tags, it should look like [FIRST TAG HERE / SECOND TAG HERE] REASONS HERE.

Tag What Does That Mean? Appealable?
[FLAGGED IN <FEDERATION NAME>] We found that you had been flagged in a federation. (e.g. Xiaomeme or Rose Support Fed). Depending on your ban reason from tht fed.
[FREE GBAN REQUESTED, DO NOT UNGBAN] You requested a free gban somewhere, so we gave you one. See the Free Global Bans ToS for details.
[SPECIAL REASON, ONLY THE FEDBANNER CAN LIFT THIS BAN] An special reason was raised. Only the gbanner and Community Hubs Network Board members can lift the ban. It might depends on your special reason.
[BLACKLISTED IN SPAM PROTECTION] If you're curious why, check the public logs. ONLY USE THIS TAG IF NOT USING THE BLACKLTED:0xCODEHERE or INTELLIVOID-SP:0xCODEHERE REASON. If you think you're wrongfully blacklisted, appeal in Spam Protection Support then contact us afterwards.

Ban Codes

Tried of entering long ban reasons?

Intellivoid Spam Protection

These ban codes should be used whe using the BLACKLISTED:<ban-code> or INTELLIVOID-SP:<ban-code> reason.

Source: Intellivoid Spam Protection Bot Operator's Handbook

Ban Code Type Description
0xSPAM Spam / Unwanted Promotion Usual spam in groups. (e.g. self-promotion, channel forwards, invite links) Can be used if flooding was caused by just one account/user.
0xSP Special Reason Special ban reason. Only team members at the Pins team can pull bans with that tag.
0xNSFW Not Safe For Work / Pornography Not covered by our enforcement, report to Telegram (email [email protected] or use 'Report' option on original message so they can censor it on iOS/macOS, NOT on forwarded ones) and push a fban/gban.
0xPRIVATE PM Spam Same as 0xSPAM, but happened in PMs.
0xPIRACY Piration Same as 0xSPAM, but with pirated content.
0xCACP Child Abuse / Child Pornography CACP is forbidden across platforms. Not covered by our enforcement, report to Telegram ([email protected]) and push a fban/gban.
0xRAID Chat Raiding Raid Initializer / Raid participator. Can be used if flooding is happening and involves 2 or more accounts/users.
0xSCAM Scam Spam that involves money. (e.g. Elon Musk spam/scam, investment, cryptocurrency)
0xIMPER Malicious Impersonation Malicious impersonator, someone pretending to be someone for Malicious intentions
0xEVADE Ban Evader Blacklist evade, this must include a private ID. (e.g. INTELLIVOID-SP:0xEVADE_TEL-PRIVATEIDOFTHEEVADER)

Adapted from DEAI

Because the DEAI ban codes are evolving, an small lag in updating these code below may happen. Please send a merge request containing the updates.


Ban code Type Description Should be Used/Enforced? Related Long Ban Reason/Tag
0x00 Gban Generic gban code. ✔ -
0x01 Joinspam The user joins the chat and then spam. ✔ -
0x02 Spambot The user is using automated methods to spam. ✔ Refer to this post on SpamWatch's official channel
0x03 Generic spam Generic spam tag. Should be used if not fall under other categories. ✔ Spam in general that doesn't compartible with other reasons listed above/below.
0x04 Scam Bitcoin, Elon Musk spam/scam, anything that involves money. ✔ INTELLIVOID-SP:0xSCAM / Elon Musk
0x05 Illegal Violating laws, depending on the country. Not scope of our enforcement. ❌ -
0x06 Pornography Sharing NSFW stuff in SFW place, can be directly (through images/videos/GIFs/stickers) or indirectly (through links). :heavy_check_mark -
0x07 Nonsense Asking meta or pajeet nonsense bullsh*t. :heavy_check_mark -
0x08 Chain bans AI stuff because its required to follows a bio chain, shouldn't be used manually. ❌
0x09 Special Can be OSS license violations or any other reason that's not listed here. When used, only the gbanner and the CHN board members can lift it. ✔
0x10 Preemptive - ❌ -
0x11 Copyright/Trademark Infringement Same as piracy, but for IP infringers. For OSS license violations, use the special reason code. ✔ -
0x12 Admin rights abuse An user with admin rights has been abused. For example, promoting too many untrustworthy users. ✔ -
0x13 Toxicity This includes racist behavior/actions. ✔ -
0x14 Flood The user has flooded too many messages and the user got flood-waited (or even restricted). ✔ INTELLIVOID-SP:0xSPAM (for single user) or INTELLIVOID-SP:0xRAID (for multiple users/accounts)
0x15 Detected but not classified AI stuff, shouldn't be used manually. ❌ -
0x16 Advanced detection AI stuff, shouldn't be used manually. ❌ -
0x17 Reported Reports from people ✔ Reported in <insert fed support chat here>
0x18 AI association AI stuff, shouldn't be used manually. ❌ -
0x19 Impersonation Malicious impersonator for malicious intentions ✔
0x20 Malware The user has shared malware/hacking tools. ✔ -
0x21 Ban evasion The user is evading an ban. ✔ INTELLIVOID-SP:0xEVADE <PID here>
0x22 PM spam The user spammed someone in their PMs. ✔ spam in pm or PM Spam / INTELLIVOID-SP:0xPRIVATE
0x23 Spam adding members The user is an spam adder. ✔ spam adding N members / Spam Adder

Federation/Global Ban Rules for FedAdmins

  1. Don't add one word reasons like retard and dumb, provide reasoning.

  2. These types are considered for Gbans

    • Adverts in group like join this, subscribe this or that.
    • Mass adding users to group.
    • Posting disgusting porn and other bs in sfw chats.
    • Mass private messaging users about promoting stuff.
    • Consult our FedBan reasons list (see above) before doing a ban.
  3. PM's aren't always gban causes, first figure out what the user wants, random pm is okay if the agenda is okay as per rule 2.

  4. Valid appeals can be given a one time chance depending on case.

  5. Screenshots, videos by unknown people are not considered as any proof.

  6. You will lose your access if you meme with gbans or do personal gbans, threaten others with it for no reason.

  7. You can do a gban if you spot a evidence in OPM Support/SW Support/DEAI Support/SpamBlockers Blacklist Logs or Support.

  8. Some miscelleaneous stuff, this can be updated anytime.

    • Owners of chats where a user is mass adding peeps will be considered for a gban based on how they respond.
    • Enforcers, Inspectors and Staffs at Sibyl System can ask gbans based on their testimony but it would be put to test if their gban comes out to be a meme. (Since they're not FedAdmins here, gbans will take effect over our fbans. If you're an Enforcer/Inspector/Staff and want to be a FedAdmin here, inquire us in the Issue Tracker of github:MadeByThePinsHub/Community-Hubs-Network-Board repo.)
    • Being stupid isn't a gban reason.
    • Posting links related to your group aren't gban reason, use a ban or fban within your network/chats.


See also this FAQ for regular users and this one for FedAdmins/CHN Board members in the Federation Support Documentation.

Appealing ban

Your gban reasons may affect on how you can appeal to an gban given by an FedAdmin. Please review the reasons above before coming to our Federation Support and ask for some help. We can only lift once on case-on-case basis.

Wrongfully banned?

If you think we wrongly gbanned you, please reach out to our Federation Support and ask for an appeal. Once lifted, we'll montior your activity for 2 weeks and we'll discuss what's next.

Can't join due to being banned elsewhere?

To get ungbanned elsewhere, please contact these admins or use their support options for appeals. Here are the links to their support:

Want to be a FedAdmin?

We screen everyone who want to join the Federation Admins Squad. If you're good fit, we'll invite you to enter our Interview Chat, where we can interview you and do some verification steps there. In rare cases, we can promote somebody who have effort to report and ban spammers and also have experience in moderating chats.

By default, FedAdmins are considered Community Hub Network Board members. You can learn more about CHN Board here.