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Team Member Codenames

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Codename Policy


  • Re-use past codenames, but requires discussion with the old codename holder
  • Always reveal your real identity unless hidden for privacy reasons.
  • If hidden, add an link to this page to learn more who owns that nickname.


List of Team Codenames

Any team codename updates should use the fork-commit-merge request workflow instead of creating another patch branch unless otherwise specified or you're currently doing housekeeping on your personal account.

Current Codenames

Name and Position GitLab Username Current Codename/s Wiki Page / About This Person Last Updated
Andrei Jiroh Halili, Team Maintainer/Founder @AndreiJirohHalilidev2006 Deku-kun, Forgotten to add data.

Past Codenames

Codenames that got their EOL (end-of-life) by their owners usually get archived here.

If you don't have your codename gets archived or publicized, please ping our legal team at and we'll remove it for you. You'll not receive any message from us that we received your request, so please keep your eye on this place whatever we removed your codename.

Name and Position GitLab Username Past Codename First Used on Did Left The team?