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Members with Keybase accounts

As more team members are joining Keybase and adding or updating their proofs, we need to update them periodically. Please create a new issue using the Add my Keybase Account to list template and we'll handle it with you.


Team Members

Name GitLab Handle Keybase Username GitHub Twitter Reddit PGP (64-bit) Other proofs
The Pins Team @ThePinsTeam @thepinsteam @thepinsteam @thepinsteam n/a 058F 2BC8 CB6E 53A4 Domain
The Pins Team Support n/a @thepinsupport n/a @MPTeamOps n/a 8AEB 2256 0592 1F92
Andrei Jiroh Halili @AndreiJirohHaliliDev2006 @ajhalilidev06 @AndreiJirohHaliliDev2006 @kuys_potpot n/a 301A 1438 BAE5 36D0 [email protected]

Community Members

Coming soon in the near future, stay tuned in the commit logs.

How to update this

  1. Create a new issue in GitLab using Add my Keybase account to list.
  2. An handbook maintainer or someone from the community will complete the required tasks needed in order to add their account to the list.
  3. If all of the requirements are met, commit to staging branch, then merge to master.