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Minecraft Server Rules

The following rules are for the Minecraft servers managed by the Pins team. Community-managed servers' rules may vary.

General Rules

Some rules are adopted from Mineberry server rules

For up-to-date rules for Mineberry, see

  1. Chat Rules
    1. Spamming the chat with letters, similar, or the same phrases is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 15m]
    2. Swearing is allowed but not at other players. [Warning/Mute 30m]
    3. Making fun of mental / physical disorders is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 30m]
    4. It's better if you speak English in the main chat.
    5. Always respect others and do not purposely try to annoy people. [Warning/Mute 45m/Ban 15m]
    6. Politics and any talk of politics must be kept out of the chat completely. [Warning/Mute 15m]
    7. Advertising other servers is not allowed. This includes mentioning the names of other servers in chat. [Mute/IP ban]
  2. Build Rules
    1. Do not make death traps for players. [Ban 15m]
    2. Griefing any build that you did not make, regardless of whether it is claimed or not, is not allowed. [Ban 1-5d]
    3. Racist/abusive builds are not allowed. [Warning/Ban 1d]
    4. Do not remove bedrock. [Warning/Ban 1d]
  3. Account Access
    1. Your account is your responsibility and we can punish the account for breaking rules whether it was you or not.
    2. Selling your account is strongly prohibited. [IP ban FOREVER + Account reset]
  4. Banned Accounts Policy
    1. Do not bypass bans with alternative accounts. If you have a temporary ban and use an alternative account to enter the server, you will immediately receive a full ban on your main account.
    2. Do not submit ban appeals for temporary IP bans.

Repeatition of Violations

If any player violate any of the rules in repeative manner, it should extend the penalities imposed above.

Rule Category Rule Sub-Category First Offense Second Offense Third Offense
General Chat ⚠ 🔇 ⛔

Legend for Emojis:

  • ⚠ = Warn from server staffs
  • 🔇 = Muted
  • ⛔ = IP Ban/Username Ban
  • 🚫 = Account Reset/Permanent Block