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GitLab What?

Our handbook's The GitLab Way contains nifty gitty things on what and how we do and use GitLab in our daily DevOps business as we use Git.

GitLab What?

GitLab is a single application to the entire DevOps. Its source code is open-source, even the Enterprise Edition (Heads up! To get most of your GitLab EE installation, an license key is required. See pricing page for info.). You don't need to switch tabs between apps if you want to just use one app for 10 tools.

Ahh, I understand that about GitLab. Why am I here again

You're here because

Table of Contents

  • Runners and CI/CD - Documentation for managing GitLab runners in our fleet, managing artifacts in GitLab and more
  • TriageOps - Docs for triaging issues and merge requests, both manually and automatically.