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In this article, we'll explain what is Triage Operations and how we triage issues and merge requests in the GitLab way. You'll also learn about the gitlab-triage, an gem developed from friends at @gitlab-org.

TriageOps what

Triage oeprations is where people triage issues and maintaining low un-triaged issues is essential for maintainbility of a open-source project.

📺 Watch how GitLab triage, push triage reports, using priorities and severity labels on YouTube.

The TriageOps bot: @RecapTime_bot

Most of the automated issue and MR replies are handled by our bot, @RecapTime_bot. To access that account on API or even in the GUI, please ask an question in our staff lounge chats.

Setup TriageOps

  1. Clone the gl-triageops repository, then run the setup script.
# SSH is preferred, but if you need HTTPS auth, eat this:
git clone